Project Overview

Case Study – Softball VIC

Management and control over budgeting process
Developed overall and individual program budgets improving transparency over coding and improved clarity of both overall business performance and programs.
Accounting Systems
Ability to track income and costs to 2 levels has provided a more simplified chart of accounts and therefore reduced complexity and coding errors.
Lodgement of credit card expenses in real time to avoid misplaced receipts and more efficient processing by the bookkeeper.
Reduction in payroll administration by 40% with employees submitting timesheets & leave electronically and superannuation taking 5 minutes from start to finish
Corporate Governance
Total visibility over all transactional history by attachment of PDF documents to all bills and electronic signatures on every transaction showing creation, modifications and approvals.
Providing auditors access to Xero, enables auditors to drill down and view PDF documents on all transactions, reducing time spent by finance providing requested documents.
Processing Efficiency
Implementation of automatic bank feeds for real time reconciliations, eliminating the need to print a daily bank statement.
Ability to send bills electronically to management for approval, rather than printing documents for signing.
Producing ABA files to upload bulk bill or payroll payments into the bank, reducing the risk of transposition errors
Providing customers, a link on invoices to pay invoices via credit card reducing average debtor days and improving cash flow.

Project Details